Essential Laptop Repairing Course in Patna

by Hi-Tech Institute


As we all are aware that laptop users are increasing more and more every day, because the use of laptop is everywhere. As with the increment in automation of system in corporate industry, engineer and technician job are getting work. So, it’s the perfect job to do. Anybody who wants to enter in computer hardware field they can enter, but for this they must be well equipped with advanced and new technology so that they can repair laptops and motherboards by the help of chip level or IC level or any other repairs. If we talk about chip level laptop repairing then chip level repairs are hands on job and it needs more knowledge and technology they are much more lucrative. Our laptop repairing course in Patna, Bihar helps you to learn and it will also improve business in entering the all new world IC level, chip level repairs of laptop and desktop mother boards as well.  

The laptop hardware institute in Delhi provided by our institute covers identifying and fault finding in resistor, capacitor, inductor, coil, transistor, reading values of networks resistors, detailed tracing of voltage regular module circuits, explained and schematic circuits and circuit diagrams, various voltages used in the motherboard of laptop, testing and understanding of CPU and GFX voltage circuit, RAM dual voltage circuit, chipset voltage circuit, USB voltage, HDD, ODD voltage circuits, VRM ICs used in every stage, battery charging and discharging circuit and fault finding, embedded controller programming ideas, soldering and DE soldering of ICs, connectors, capacitors, mosfets, SMD ICs, cable and strip cutting and joining, how to do laptop disassemble and assembly, how to solve laptop overheating and auto turning off problems, plastic panel brakeage re-fabrication, hinges repairing, and replacement, how to find out the solution in window blue screen error, LCD dim display repair, inverter repair, no sound repair, laptop power on password removal techniques, equivalent IC usage, coded IC usage, practical training how to o use hot air blower, solder gun, solder pump, de solder wick and others. With theory you will get practical training also in each topic, and here at our laptop repairing institute in Patna, Bihar you will be provided every advanced tool and machines for practical training. Also, there is hi tech lab for doing practice that we think is one of the most important parts of training.


At Hi Tech Institute in Patna, Bihar we teach you with all new secrets and concepts of repairing and fixing laptop mother board and desktop mother board and server motherboard also. You will be equally trained on using latest repair machines like BGA machines, and another latest tool that are used in laptop repairing. All our training is 100% practical tracing based and hands on repair training. So, come to our laptop repairing institute in Patna, Bihar and explore the all new world of laptop servicing and repairing for more confident and make conformed dream future.

So, take admission in Hi Tech Institute in Patna, Bihar with very low fee.